Louis Cartier took inspiration from the purity of the line to create a new watch shape based on a combat vehicle viewed from above. The Cartier Tank follows this precise graphic principle: the brancards as the tracks and the case as the turret. From this combination came a new functional fundamental with the design of the case attachments in alignment with the strap and in tandem with the rhythm of the pattern.


Designed after the shape of tanks on the battlefields of WWI, this legendary watch was and still is a symbol of understated elegance, captivating the world's most astute minds. All legends in their own right, men and women of character are drawn to Tank’s captivating and modern design.


The purity of its line and its elegance allow for all types of audaciously creative versions. From the original Tank Louis Cartier came individual creations like Tank Cintrée which prefigured the 1980s Tank Américaine, the Tank Asymétrique in which everything is rotated 30 degrees to the right, to the Tank Divan which distorted the classic codes just enough to amplify its sublime extravagance.