[SUR]NATUREL, the new High Jewelry collection by Cartier

Rooted in reality and transforming it into the realm of the supernatural.
Surpassing reality, Cartier opens the way to a nature reinvented: [Sur]naturel.


The starting point of the collection begins on a journey revealed by nature itself, from figuration to abstraction. Water, flora and fauna breathe life into an ultra-precious universe that exists at the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

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For Cartier, what is most important in the word savoir-faire is the union of the two words: the union of the idea and its realization, of creators and artisans. Three [Sur]naturel creations from the new High Jewelry collection allow us a closer look at this idea: the Tillandsia necklace, the Hemis necklace and the Panthère Tropicale wristwatch.

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