Panthère de Cartier High Jewelry

Panthère de Cartier High Jewelry

Panthère de Cartier is an emblem: An inspiration that has been reinvented over time through graphic, sculptural, naturalist and abstract creations.


The emblematic panther has embodied Cartier’s creation ever since its first appearance on a watch with panther spots in 1914. Original, daring and elegant, this jewelry motif has become a signature style. Through the recreation of the animal’s fur in metal and stone, Cartier brings to life the panther’s animal nature. Everything rests in the balance between the black and white, the alternation between diamonds and onyx.


The daring and visionary Jeanne Toussaint, Cartier’s creative director from 1933 to 1970, brought the panther to life in 1949 on a three-dimensional brooch. Since then, the panther has endured throughout the history of the Maison.

Cartier has observed the feline in different stages - lying in wait, as a ferocious predator or resting - focusing on its real-life state to elevate its wild and dominant nature.


Geometry is part of Cartier’s stylistic vocabulary. Applied to the panther, it reveals all of its graphic tension. Like an architect, the aim is to bring out the structure of the panther through a contemporary vision and sleek volumes. Once again, function, ergonomics and real-life are integrated into the project.

Panther savoir-faire, a creative and technical union

From design to stone-laying, paving and setting, each stage contributes to the same objective of bringing life to the feline.
The idea is not only to imitate nature but to also pay homage to it by breathing life into the animal’s personality.
The feeling of the panther’s vitality is the result of a close collaboration between the creative studios and workshops. Their constant exchanges extend throughout the production process. Together, they defy the concepts of movement, beauty, inversion, place, ergonomics, volume, design, realism and elegance.

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From 1914 to today, follow the journey of the Maison’s emblematic animal.

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From Avant-garde to Zoo de Vincennes, Cartier presents the whole universe of its emblematic animal.

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