Les Galaxies de Cartier

The Maison ventures into uncharted territories with the new limited-edition jewelry collection – Les Galaxies de Cartier. Inspired by the cosmos and defying the laws of jewelry with new materials and experimentation with weightlessness and gravity, Cartier explores where reality and fantasy meet beyond the stars.


Charting an astrological phenomenon, the axes of the planets align to unite the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each design represents a universe in itself, with their ever-changing colors, gleaming with flashes of bronze, green and radiant iridescence.

Sending Tahitian pearls into orbit with two sculptural white gold cage bracelets, each revolves like the planets high up in the sky.


Shaping our world with meteorites and asteroids, from stardust made of fragments of rocks crystallized over millions of years, the Maison steps into a galaxy across the universe where comets infinitely fly.

Pink gold, diamonds, moonstone and milky quartz create an untamed network of square cones that refract light on one another endlessly. 


Like viewing the Earth from high up in space at night, millions of branches of red, yellow and blue lights form a dynamic urban canvas. A shimmering cluster of stones  - yellow and blue sapphires, fiery opals and diamonds - with the freedom to follow your every movement radiate on the sphere's surface.


Housed within the great galactic disc, the Milky Way, its solar systems and black holes float in a gravitational pull. Using a technique developed by the Maison’s jewelry masters, diamonds are placed using a “trembling setting” or serti vibrant in miniature.

Their star-like radiance is encapsulated beneath a dome of rock crystal and a base of metaquartzite, used for the first time in Cartier's jewelry design.