Fauna and Flora

Fauna and Flora

Half flora, half fauna,
Cartier’s nature
Is free, strong, untamable and beautiful


Animals have always found their place within the registers of Cartier, which elevates their appearance and nature through their plumage, coats and scales as well as their grace, suppleness, vitality and vivacity.


Cartier's botanical repertoire stands out for its choice of flowers. Cacti, orchids, edelweiss and thistles: Cartier selects them for their uniqueness without reference nor model. They are free. They cannot be compared, they are just as they have chosen to be.

They captivate with the freedom of materials they combine, the uniqueness of their texture and their natural movement.


Cartier is the only great jeweler to incorporate a master of glyptic art into its workshops. They are responsible for engraving and sculpting precious stones and noble material: fossilized wood, amethyst, morganite and rubellite. These artisans are capable of forming shapes from a piece of quartz, a block of jasper or agate.

Glyptic art, identified by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, is a rare expert skill to be preserved. Cartier continues this tradition by passing expertise down to young apprentices.